The Best Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets

The best mulberry silk bed sheets are the bed sheets that you find when you are shopping online. I know that they have a lot of great mulberry silk bed sheets that you can find in stores, but you have to make sure that the bed sheets you are buying are one hundred percent mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk bed sheets are soft and silk. They are great bed sheet sets and the best that you can have in your home. While there are a lot of people that think that bed sheet sets like Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the best, I still feel like the mulberry silk bed sheets are the best.

I have had mulberry silk bed sheets my entire life and I don’t plan on changing it up now. I found the best set of mulberry silk bed sheets at Bed Space a few months back.

They were such a great company to work with. I was able to choose the size bed sheets that I needed in the color that I wanted. I am a very bright person, so I am always changing my bed set. Most of the time, I look for bed sheets that are bright colors. So I was happy to find out that mulberry silk bed sheets came in red, lavender and a variety of other different colors.

They have the best mulberry silk bed sheets that I have found so far and would recommend them to anyone. You should defiantly take a look at their site if you are interested in finding some of the best mulberry silk bed sheets available.

Are portable electric dog fences safe?

When you travel, it is important to make sure that your dog is taken care of at all cost. That is why most people choose to take their pets with them when they travel inside the States. Some people even choose to take their pets with them outside of the country. It really just depends on the person and how much they are attached to their pets.

When people travel with their pets, they often bring a small carrier kennel of some sort to keep their pet in a safe place while they are out and about. However here lately, there has been a lot of table about portable electric dog fences.

Some people believe that they are the greatest invention on Earth. Then there are some that are a little hesitant about the electric dog fence.

I myself have always been a fan of the dog fences that are found at They even have the best fence for hilly terrain. But then again, these are dog fences that are more permanent. Plus, I don’t travel often and when I do, I leave my pets at home and have a family or friend stop by and check on them and feed and water them. Most people don’t like to leave their dogs at home unattended, but I don’t like to make mine travel with me. They tend to get car sick fairly quickly.

But I have done my research on the portable electric dog fence, and from what I have learned, the portable electric dog fence is just like a regular electric dog fence, only you can move it when need be. So yes, portable electric dog fences are safe. Well, as safe as shocking your dog can be.

I do not suggest that anyone shock their pet to keep them in a confined area, however, to each their own. If you would like to learn more about them, then you can read more here.


Can I get Egyptian cotton sheets in different colors?

The first Egyptian cotton bed sheets that I ever owned were white. They were a Christmas gift from my parents and I was seventeen years old. It was only a 200 thread Egyptian cotton sheets. But like I said, I was only seventeen years old and would come in from cheer leading practice covered in sweat and get crawl right into bed. So it is probably best that it was not anything more expensive.

The white Egyptian cotton sheets matched perfectly with white comforter and pillow cases. It was my absolute favorite. I had those sheets for a long time and they held up very well.

However, when I moved into my first apartment on my own, I purchased a new comforter set. The comforter was red and black zebra print and absolutely gorgeous. I even bought red curtains to match the comforter. The only down fall was that the comforter set that I purchased did not include Egyptian cotton sheets.

Where to look for Egyptian cotton sheets.

I looked in a variety of different stores around my home town for Egyptian cotton sheets in any other color besides white. However, I had no luck. But I also live in a small town, so the chances of me finding Egyptian cotton sheets at all were slim to none. That is when I got online and began my search.

I searched for a variety of different thread counts of Egyptian cotton sheets. I wanted something a little softer and I was not worried about the price. Especially since the Egyptian cotton sheets that I was using had held up so great.

The more that I looked online for Egyptian cotton sheets the more I thought about how I wanted my new sheets to match my new bed comforter. Of course, white matches everything. But when you have red curtains and red and black comforter and pillow cases, it only seems fitting that you get sheets that are either black or red.

So I began searching for Egyptian cotton sheets that came in colors other than white. That is when I realized that there are tons of Egyptian cotton bed sheets that come in a variety of different colors. Luckily, I stumbled across a website called Luxury of the Pharaohs. It was on that website that I found some that come in red. Plus, I was able to get my red Egyptian cotton bed sheets in 1000 thread count.

What colors do Egyptian cotton sheets come in?

I was seriously so excited about finding Egyptian cotton sheets available in colors other than white, that I think I called up most of my family in the first hour after purchasing them to let them know. I mean, it was simply amazing. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone that I knew what I had found!

For the longest time I thought that you could only Egyptian cotton in white. Turns out I was very wrong. You can get them in a variety of different colors. Colors such as black, red, blue, pink, and purple.

Of course, depending on where you purchase your Egyptian cotton sheets from will depend on the color options available to you!


So yes, Egyptian cotton sheets are available in colors other than white. You just have to find the right place to purchase them from. You can go to your local mall and will probably luck up and find some Egyptian cotton sheets in a few different colors. However, you should probably get online and take a look at Luxury of the Pharaohs. They also have a ton of other Egyptian cotton products like the Egyptian cotton duvet set.